Atto and Makerpad join forces to support female founders in the no code revolution


We’re excited to announce a new partnership between Atto Accelerator and Makerpad.

Makerpad is a new platform and community that allows founders to build powerful applications without code. No-code tools are simplifying software, and allowing anyone to build a tech product regardless of their background. Future founders can now make fully functional applications and complex workflows by linking apps together like Lego blocks. Markerpad can teach people to build landing pages, marketplaces, mobile apps, or automated workflows for your business.

Founder, Ben Tossell, says:

“Makerpad exists to remove the barrier of needing to code to build a technical product and the more people we can get to learn these skills, the more wonderful the startup world can become. Designated programs like Atto are essential in pushing the movement forward into the right areas”.  

Ben started Makerpad because he always wanted to build products but the common advice is to learn to code in order to build it (or find a technical cofounder).

“I wanted to do it myself and I've tried multiple times to learn a bit of code but could never get into a good enough routine. I believe that most people who are learning to code do so because there is something they want to build. Luckily, there are amazing companies out there which are making it easy for people like me to make the 80% version of my product. I like to stitch tools together and push the boundaries of these. I love to spend most of my time making mini apps and sites to see what can be done, showing others how to do this too is what Makerpad is all about.” 

We believe Makerpad is a fantastic tool for founders in Atto Accelerator as it allows them to prototype and build an MVP in a strategic and affordable way. From there, they can focus on product-market fit and testing out different business models before making a further time or financial commitment.

For more information, please visit:

Atto founders from each batch can email Ben on with "Atto x Makerpad" in the subject line and he’ll provide access to the Pro Membership.