Kate from Atto and Sheree from One Roof

Kate from Atto and Sheree from One Roof

It all started when…

After dropping into One Roof Coworking in Melbourne and seeing the community Sheree had built, Kate teamed up to become One Roof’s EIR and to launch Atto accelerator from the space.

Atto is a new pre-accelerator program that is designed to help female founders create tech companies in an independent, scalable, and sustainable way.

Atto is a metric unit system prefix – and a very small one at that. 10⁻¹⁸, or one quintillionth in fact. With the rise of micro VC, equity crowdfunding, and indie capital – we believe that tech companies can be built through tiny wins and mindful amounts of investment for the long-term. This is in contrast to the “growth at all costs” – or “unicorn or die” Silicon Valley ethos.

After mentoring female founders over the years, Kate noticed that first-time founders struggled with the same challenges. If they couldn’t code, they were blowing tens of thousands of dollars on unproven tech, waiting around for the perfect tech co-founder, or heading to event after event without progressing. They might have been working on an idea that wasn’t truly a high-growth tech startup, and struggling with scale. If they had made it to the investment level, poor advice, investors, and terms (especially outside of Silicon Valley) may have diluted their cap table too much for further financing.

By focusing on building purposeful MVPs, and growing customer relationships and revenue early, founders operate from a place of power – and can focus on what’s most important in a startup’s early days. Atto seeks to build a pipeline of ambitious, skilled, and confident female founders.

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